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Reid Ranch open for Hunters

2017 Hunting Season: Reid Ranch will be open for hunters who are participating in the DB-1555 General Season Buck Deer Hunt  Reid Ranch will provide first class accomodations and meals to hunters within Wasatch Mountains, East (formerly the 17B/17C Wasatch Mountain Avintaquin/Currant Creek Unit).  Download our printer friendly (PDF) flyer, and checkout the links below for details.

Hunting at Reid Ranch
  • Event:  DB-1555 General Season Buck Deer Hunt.
  • Dates:  October 21 - 29, 2017.
  • Cost:  $129/night per person.
  • Location:  Wasatch Mountains, East;
    Between McDonald’s Basin & Tabby Mountain.
  • Lodging:  Comfortable, cozy lodging accomodations at the Tabby Mountain Lodge.
  • Food:  Three first class western meals served each day with your stay (see Sample Menu).
  • Map 1:  Directions from Salt Lake City, Utah to Fruitland, Utah (see Large Area Map).
  • Map 2:  Directions from Fruitland, Utah to Reid Ranch (see Small Area Map).
  • Map 3:  Utah Division of Wildlife Resources hunting district (see Map of Wasatch Mountains, East).
  • Reservations:  Call 1-800-468-3274 to book rooms for the hunt.